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TJG NewsTJGXMLCMS is an integration of tools to support content management. TJGXMLCMS has interfaces in a number of programming languages to allow for easy integration into existing platforms. TJGXMLCMS separates content from the presentation layer with XML, permitting the facilitation of the deployment of systems agnostic of the business domain. TJGXMLCMS has applications in publishing, education, research, media, and science. Internal TJGXMLCMS applications can integrate secure XML techniques for all industries.

Strategies for future technology enterprises

TJG NewsMistakes learned from existing enterprises can be valuable lessons. There are strategies that new and emerging technology start-ups and businesses can follow to avoid repeating the errors of enterprises that are marred by controversies. Wholesome business strategies can lead to long lasting institutions that are not the target of investigations, suits, and complaints. If the source of funding of a business or the investors is corrupt, more than likely the business is going to end up with corrupt business practices. More care should be focused on how businesses are funded to grow. Ethical investors can guide the policies and procedures of an organization. As a business grows, the source of investment can promote the value of the products and services that they offer. If technology companies are funded by people that have earned their wealth through exploitation and greed, the trend is evident that the companies they build will follow these same practices. These companies may grow fast, but that initial structure will be more difficult to control or regulate once that company has reached a certain size. After a company goes public, it will be even more difficult to discern the source of their wealth when ethical investments are diluted by the founding corrupt investment. When there is no more ability to shakeup management in these companies because their stock listings have unique structures that prevent buyouts it will be an arduous process to implement true change. Instead, developing a more detailed process of recruiting ethical investors initially and allowing them to guide the formation of the company structure, may be a slower process that develops a higher valued organization. This process may be an instrumental strategy for new and emerging technology enterprises. Another strategy for developing higher valued organizations may be to allow for more input from consumers. Technology companies today are displaced from customer service. It is very difficult, virtually impossible, to reach a human at many of the large technology companies today. If technology companies allow for more communication and input from consumers, they could return the value that consumers have in customer service. Consumers could then participate in the development of better products and services. If technology companies continue to ignore consumers, then they will continue to develop displaced products and services and add undesirable features to their existing products. The next generation of technology companies will hopefully bring ethical investors and happy customers that will lead to long lasting institutions and sources of revenue.

The possibility of blockchain for voting election technology

TJG NewsBlockchain technology may present a service that can allow for secure voting election systems. Blockchain technology provides security for the authorization and authentication of transactions on the Internet. These technologies may be applied to voting machines to provide a more secure system for recording votes at voting locations.

Management Artificial Intelligence

TJG NewsManaging a large scale artificial intelligence teams may require a broader approach to planning than normal information technology projects. The potential for greater risk and the need for higher levels of trust and transparency to the effectiveness of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms require more resources than software engineering projects. Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are based datasets. The datasets are supposed to be representative of the population. The processing of the datasets also require representation of the population to mirror human actions. The room for error in datasets and processing can be very large. For this reason, great care must be taken to ensure that these tools are developed safely. Even the most skilled scientist may allow errors in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Unlike software engineering, errors in machine learning and artificial intelligence may not be evident in testing or early production phases. Errors in machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms may be more difficult to find and can cause greater danger if these technologies are placed into market. The need for organizing the planning and processing for management of artificial intelligence may demand greater scrutiny in the development of project timelines, deliverables, and stakeholders. If a software product fails because of loss of data, there are a number of regulations that govern what should take place because of the breach. Regulations for data privacy have been developed to ensure that personally identifiable information is protected. There are also industry specific regulations to protect data in industries such as health care and education. Unfortunately, there are not international, national, or industry specific regulations governing the ng the application of artificial intelligence algorithms. Nor are there disclosure measurements for how public and private sectors can deploy artificial intelligence algorithms. Corporations can deploy artificial intelligence algorithms with reckless abandon without any responsibility for the outcome. Without any regulation, these algorithms may have the potential to be weaponized against certain populations. Without disclosure requirements, it may be very difficult for the public to even know how and when these algorithms are being operated. Presently, it is a corporate social responsibility to maintain ethical and moral requirements of the wild, wild west of artificial intelligence algorithms.

The African-American Civil Rights Movement in Technology

TJG News Dr. Tamaro J. Green The events surrounding the firing of Dr. Timnit Gebru, Ph.D., from the artificial intelligence research group in December 2020 sparked a wave of activity and discussion towards equal treatment of minority groups in technology. Dr. Timnit Gebru, Ph.D., and Dr. Rediet Abebe, Ph.D., the first African-American computer science doctorate from Cornell University, founded Black in AI in 2017, the foundation of the African-American Civil Rights Movement in Technology. African-Americans have always been instrumental in the industry of technology. Their roles have often been limited by a corporate work environment that has hired only a small amount of African-Americans over time. In December, 2020, worldwide attention was brought to this dilemma when a research paper co-written by Dr. Gebru for an ethical research role for which the basis of the paper was critical, resulted in a disagreement between her and her employer. On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?, co-written by Dr. Emily Bender, Ph.D., of Washington University and Dr. Timnit Gebru, Ph.D., revealed obstacles that need to be overcome in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. African-Americans have many great accomplishments in the academic field of computer science. Dr. Carlotta Berry, Ph.D., and Dr. Ayana Howard, Ph.D., have many publications in the computer science field of robotics. Joy Buolamwini’s paper, Gender Shades: Intersectional Accuracy Disparities in Commercial Gender Classification was very instrumental in the development of regulation for facial recognition technology. African-Americans have also contributed to the technology industry. Jerry Lawson invented the first cartridge based video game. Dr. Marc Hannah cofounded Silicon Graphics, Inc. Dr. Mae Jemison, M.D., was the first African-American woman to travel into space. Today, there is a new movement in the field of technology, the African-American Civil Rights Movement in Technology. TJG News would like your assistance in documenting the African-American Civil Rights Movement in Technology. Contribute to the African-American Civil Rights Movement in Technology project by sending submissions to for review or editing the wiki page.

Remote Technology

TJG NewsTJG Web Services delivers solutions for orchestrating a remote workforce with technology. TJG Web Service media platforms are designed and developed for organizations to make the transformation of remote communications and operations. TJG Web Services provides software solutions for operating a remote enterprise.


TJG NewsTJG Web Services consulting mediates the difficult terrain of the information technology landscape. TJG Web Services guides on a number of issues as they pertain to information systems in education, business, finance, health care, and governance. TJG Web Services applies years of experience in a number of field to identify creative solutions to prospective challenges.

Information Technology Cultures

TJG NewsTJG Web Services researches the latest in information technology cultures to provide consulting services on developing a diversified information technology workplace environment. Trends in digital environments may provide increasing opportunities for creative collaboration among teams. TJG Web Services reviews successful implementations of unified communication and unified collaboration to deliver research and results.

Technology Research

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides consulting services for research in how to implement technology to measure and understand the effects of climate change. TJG Web Services analyzes data from a number of sources such as weather, migration, economic, political, social, energy, and climate data to measure how changes in the climate have impacted our planet. TJG Web Services examines how to better improve on the utilization and preservation of natural resources.

Technology Strategies

TJG NewsTJG Web Services develops strategies for creating awareness about changes to the climate and what can be done to reduce the negative effects that technology may have on the environment. TJG Web Services provides consultation on how to reduce these negative effects through efficient technologies. TJG Web Services continues to develop products and services that are responsible stewards of the natural environment.

Information Technology Training

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides consulting for the information technology industry. The experienced designers, developers, and consultants can provide guidance on a number of information technology projects. TJG Web Services also provides documentation and training materials to supplement consultation on software solutions.

Technology and Carbon Emissions

TJG NewsTJG Web Services identifies the role that technology plays in depleting natural resources in the environment. TJG Web Services measures the carbon footprint of the services that it provides to determine the impact that these services have on the environment. TJG Web Services researches methods to offset the emissions of carbons caused by providing these technological services.

Technology and Natural Resources

TJG NewsTJG Web Services researches how technology can play a greater role in preserving and improving natural resources in the environment. TJG Web Services examines technology such as solar power, water cooling, and natural energy for solutions to reducing the negative impact that technology can have on the environment. TJG Web Services develops software solutions that are cognizant of energy requirements in networking, data storage, and computing.

Computational Science Tools

TJG NewsTJG Web Services researches the latest computational science tools available for the analysis of large volumes and varieties of data. TJG Web Services reports on the latest methodologies and strategies available from education and research. TJG Web Services includes a number of learning strategies in developing training material for educational research.

Technology Training in Education

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides technology services to support the training of the use of technology in educational services. Some of the products that TJG Web Services provides include a platform for delivering educational content to students, a system for publishing educational resources, and a tool for managing students, courses, and curriculums online. TJG Web Services provides consulting services for customizing these platform services to meet the needs of organizations.

Health Technology

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides research in applications of technology for healthcare services. TJG Web Services researches how technology is impacted by regulations in healthcare and how technology can be applied to benefit patients. TJG Web Services also provides research on how technology can change the future of medicine.

Consulting Services

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides consulting and services for a wide range of industries including education, marketing, finance, technology, entertainment, media, and travel.

Technology Specialists

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides support for ongoing projects through a network of technology specialists with advanced knowledge in the areas of software systems, software testing, software maintenance, and software support.


TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides consulting and services for a wide range of industries including education, marketing, finance, technology, entertainment, media, and travel.

Microcontroller Programming

TJG NewsTJG Web Services provides programming a variety of microcontroller devices for applications in business, industry, and education.

Technology Leadership

TJG NewsMeasuring corporate performance of social responsibility.

Software Engineering and Data Analysis

TJG NewsTJG Web Services was started in 2003, providing contracting services to nonprofit, educational, and religious organizations and now serving some of the largest organizations in the world. TJG Web Services, LLC provides services in the areas of application development, network security, hosting services, cloud services, database development, integration services, application testing, automated testing, and migration services. TJG Web Services, LLC provides applications that run on a variety of platforms including servers, desktop, mobile, and tablets. Our applications are designed using the latest technologies and techniques in application development.

Technology Training

TJG NewsData Storage, Mobile Development, Programming Training, Publishing, and Cloud Training

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