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Advances in the research of climate change


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Emerging strategies in the study of climate change may provide enhanced tools for researchers and policy makers (Lineman, Do, Kim, & Joo, 2015; Sarofim et al., 2021; Skeie, Peters, Fuglestvedt, & Andrew, 2021).  Sarofim et al. (2021) develop a temperature binning technique for evaluating socioeconomic impact of climate change.  Skeie et al. (2021) promote the study of historical contributions to climate change for future forecasts.  Lineman et al. (2015) provide a sentiment analysis of the discussion of climate change.  Richards, Lupton, and Allwood (2021) simulate the worst case scenarios of food insecurity, societal collapse, and climate change.  Kolusu et al. (2021) evaluate risk assessment in climate change models.



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