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Nation state building and influences in the Horn of Africa


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-03-18 15:54:04 viewed: 523


Outside influences continue to influence the nation-state building of Horn of Africa countries and may occasionally contribute to conflicts (International Crisis Group, 2019).  International Crisis Group (2019) explains how Gulf Nations and China have political commercial interests in the Horn of Africa adding risk to the fragile formulation of nation states.  The nations of the Horn of Africa continue to progress in the formation of political and municipal strategies (Osei, Akinocho, & Mwombela, 2020; Zeleke, 2018).  Zeleke (2018) evaluates the energy options for the nations of the Horn of Africa.  Osei et al. (2020) suggest classifying democracy and autocracy as well as personalist and party-based regimes for constitutional governments.



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