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Peace journalism during times of conflict


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Adongo, Awobamise, and Chidiebere (2018)  proposes peace journalism versus traditional journalism to mitigate land conflicts in Kenya.  Adongo et al. (2018) explain that urbanization and mechanized agriculture are contributors to land conflicts in Africa.  Adongo et al. (2018)  also claim that the lack of reliable news media can lead to conflicts when people are given inaccurate information through technology.  The promotion of women to assist in resolving conflicts may also contribute in peace journalism (Odary, Komba, & Nyamato, 2020).  Odary et al. (2020) note that women also participate in pastoral communities conflicts.  Odary et al. (2020) explain that women in the Horn of Africa play a critical role in diffusing the vicious and violent cycle of conflict in pastoral communities.



Adongo, O. J., Awobamise, A. O., & Chidiebere, O. (2018). A peace journalism approach to understanding the role of the media in the land disputes in Kenya. Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences, 5(2), 170-180.

Odary, K. V., Komba, E., & Nyamato, W. (2020). Reviewing the role of women pastoralist in conflicts in the Horn of Africa.



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