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Governance and balance of power in the Horn of Africa


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Donaldson et al. (2020) explains the influence that the Soviet Union had in shaping the policies of governments in the Horn of Africa during the Cold War.  Abdilahi (2019) refer to trade deficits and debt to contribute as well as changes in geological environment and climate as contributions to conflicts and crises in the Horn of Africa.  Marigat, Nzomo, Kagwanja, and Kiamba (2017) compare military size, military budget, and balance of powers for countries in the Horn of Africa. 



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Marigat, S. K., Nzomo, M., Kagwanja, P., & Kiamba, A. (2017). Looking at conflict management in the lenses of power: A review of IGAD Interventions in the Horn of Africa. International Journal of Political Science (IJPS), 3(2), 15-24.



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