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Border disputes in the Horn of Africa


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Eyilet and Senishaw (2020) explain precise locations of borders as primary sources for conflicts in some regions of the Horn of Africa.  Mengisteab (2011) proposes mediation through regional organizations that have independence from member governments to border conflicts in the Horn of Africa.  Mengisteab (2011) explains effective democratic governance in the Horn of Africa will rely on institutional transformation to include marginalized societies.



Eyilet, T., & Senishaw, G. (2020). Impacts of Border in Borderland Conflict along the Ethio-Sudan Border: Evidence from Metema Woreda, North-Western Ethiopia. Humaniora, 32(1), 10—18.

Mengisteab, K. (2011). Critical factors in the horn of Africa’s raging conflicts. Retrieved from Uppsala:



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