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Climate, health, and conflict


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Bauer et al. (2021) compares the military conflicts to the COVID-19 pandemic for harnessing challenges to wildlife conservation in the Horn of Africa.  Idowu and Lasisi (2020) explain how changes in coastal areas of the Horn of Africa due to urbanization may have an effect on the availability of fresh water.  Kabiru, Izugbara, and Beguy (2013) explain rapid growth in urbanization rate in Africa to lead to health problems such as increased hypertension, obesity, and psychological issues among younger populations.

Boerma et al. (2019) describe the negative effects of armed conflicts on the children and reproductive health.  Lindvall et al. (2020) also advise food insecurity as a potential contributor to violence in the region.  Sasson (2012) explores food insecurity throughout the continent.



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