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Information colonialogy in regional conflicts


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-03-15 13:12:15 viewed: 719


With the role of digital media in informing of regional conflict, it may be necessary to explore how information contributes to conflicts.  Information colonialogy represents how information can be a tool that provides a catalyst to the fuel of regional conflicts.  Vora (2020) mentions the newly released book Technoprecarious to explain how divisions in health and wellness continue even with advances in other areas of society.  Desta (2018) reviews digitalization in the Horn of Africa and the digital divide in Africa.  Mkutu (2001) suggested that improving the quality and accuracy of the media can contribute to reducing violence among other proposals.  Stockton (2012) suggests the theory that foreign industries can collaborate for economic growth with the large populations of pastoral communities in the Horn of Africa may be too idealistic.  Güneralp, Lwasa, Masundire, Parnell, and Seto (2017) explore the effects of urbanization on the geological environment in Africa.  Meaza (2019) explores ways in which policy makers can harness the tools of information to support governance and planning.



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