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Peace and stability in Ethiopia


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Amidst world conflicts, the support of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa is essential to the stability of the region.  Henneberg and Stapel (2020) highlight the January 2020 meeting of the heads of state in the Horn of Africa as a step towards cooperation between leaders of the region.  Henneberg and Stapel (2020) also describe the security risks that threaten this cooperation.  Twagiramungu, Duursma, Berhe, and de Waal (2019) provide a quantitative analysis of conflicts in the region and their influences.  Ndahiriwe (2021) details an example of how citizens can be involved in the mitigation of conflicts.  Chabikwa (2021) develops a conceptual framework for understanding security that combines feminist theory and post-colonial theory.



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