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Research in funding in data sharing

Review of Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-03-11 19:21:23 viewed: 562


Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa, Counternarratives, presents some alarming conditions for which data sharing should be evaluated.  Data sharing is often promoted as necessary to advance the field of data science.  Abebe et al. (2021) , in Counternarratives, present examples for which data sharing can have dangerous effects such as the production of inaccurate data, lack of infrastructure for accurate data, or the sharing of data from perspectives not local to the source.  Counternarratives alerts researchers of how private companies, non-government organizations, and government agencies can be involved in projects for data sharing without comprehensively responding to the geological landscape, cultural norms, or municipal architecture of a location.  The cooperation between the source of the data and the data collectors may need to be a new source of consideration for the institutional review board to enforce requirements for research.


Abebe, R., Aruleba, K., Birhane, A., Kingsley, S., Obaido, G., Remy, S. L., & Sadagopan, S. (2021, March 3–10, 2021). Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa. Paper presented at the FAccT ’21, Virtual Event, Canada.


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