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African-American History Month

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February is African-American History Month and to honour the people of African descent who contributed to America, TJG Web Services is spending the first week of February to provide resources for the history of African-Americans.  TJG Web Services has provided a wiki for which anyone can create an account and edit and update information on the wiki platform,

Additionally, anyone can add articles to the cms platform,

There is not a login for the cms platform so please do not post copyrighted material and source references if necessary.  This is a platform also for which the rules of netiquette should apply.  The articles posted here will be stored for future sessions.  Let me know if you have difficulties with either platform.

People from all over the world have contributed to the growth of the United States as a world power.  The story of African-Americans is different because originally we were brought to the United States through the slave trade.  Our story is similar because like all Americans, we strove to make a decent place.   This is the story of all of us and that is why we are all ourstorians.

Thank you,

Tamaro Green


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