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Divisions sowed by pandemic response


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-02-25 11:55:26 viewed: 558


Those seeking technological solutions to address the social distancing requirements of the pandemic response procedures reason to assume that the field of information technology is not a perfect science.  The computing technologies for services like video conferencing and remote learning are nascent and filled with deficiencies.  The personnel in these fields generally do not have domain knowledge of industries such as government, education, social services, or management.  The technologies that are often chosen to provide a function for remote activity are usually not designed for the purposes for which they are being implemented.  An analogy would be if there was an instant requirement to dig holes in the earth and the available item was a kitchen spoon.  A kitchen spoon can serve the purpose for digging, but the intention of digging holes in the ground cannot be permanently serviced by this utensil.  Choosing technological solutions for every day to day activity sows division as it only provides resources for those that either understand the technology or have higher quality of the technology.  The experiment of performing services with technology has exposed weaknesses in the field and should be evaluated for how to achieve this function better if future requirements persist.  The division sowed by pandemic response is a scar on the recovery efforts and the trust that people will have in these systems that should be addressed to return to a functional society.


Dr. Tamaro Green is a computer science researcher and the founder of TJG Web Services.  TJG Web Services, LLC is a consulting firm in the field of information technology.  Dr. Green writes on topics of privacy, security, and ethics in information technology and computer science.

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