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Risk analysis in human resource management


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-02-17 09:33:50 viewed: 505


Human resource management should provide a risk assessment of their approach to executive leadership as part of strategy planning.  To mitigate the risk of policies enacted by the human resource department in an organization, human resource management departments may detail a risk analysis of their policies and procedures to provide executive leadership the ability to review the risk that these policies can have to the brand of the organization.  The brand of an organization can have significant damage if strategies are not placed to prevent human resource management departments from making decisions that result in chaotic conflicts that cannot be subsided in the media.  Human resource decisions may be the most difficult to navigate because they often rely on information about situations that are not readily available.  The brands of organizations that continue to receive media attention because of harsh workplace environments or events may provide a difficult damage assessment in the near future.  To prevent human resource management disasters, executives may require risk assessments of what actions will likely result in a media frenzy over employees or former employees reporting on harsh workplace conditions.


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