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Policy and promotion in research


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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2021-02-11 18:55:52 viewed: 561


Emerging trends in computer science research are troubling because they reflect a new direction of influence of government policies and technology companies in research.  In the past, computer science research was an international effort among scientists from all over the world.  However, pressure to reduce the theft of intellectual property and the promotion of corporate products has created silos of research that may not achieve global benefits.  One of the negative effects of this trend is that contemporary research starts to express taints of nationalism, commercialization, and militarization.  Care taken to reduce the negative effects of commercialization and nationalization of research institutions may boost transparent and open research in the future.


Dr. Tamaro Green is a computer science researcher and the founder of TJG Web Services.  TJG Web Services, LLC is a consulting firm in the field of information technology.  Dr. Green writes on topics of privacy, security, and ethics in information technology and computer science.

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