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Legal studies and applications for underrepresented minorities


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Underrepresented minority groups may apply critical legal studies and critical race theory to assess solutions towards equity (Daniel, Kina, Dariotis, & Fojas, 2014).  Ladson-Billings (2011) transformed critical race theory to a discussion about the prospect of color blind education, housing, healthcare, and employment.  Daniel et al. (2014) combined critical race theory and critical legal studies to understand challenges for mixed races.  Litowitz (1999) argued to separate the social and legal aspects of critical race theory.  Separating legal aspects of critical race theory may increase applicability for all fields (Litowitz, 1999).  Ford and Airhihenbuwa (2010) described critical race theory as an iterative methodology for finding alternatives to equity and apply it to health.  Liu (2019) combined critical race theory with anti-subordination theory which claims that no group of people should be subordinate to another.





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