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Research analysis techniques in higher education labour markets


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Literature reviews and bibliometric analysis are research possibilities for analysis of approaches to evaluating higher education labour markets.  Snyder (2019) provides guidance on narrative, systematic and integrative literature reviews.  Bretas and Alon (2021) apply bibliographic coupling, historiographic citation, keyword co-occurrence, and thematic mapping to bibliometric analysis.  One area of analysis for higher education labour markets may include nonmonetary and proximal recognition (Chênevert, Hill, & Kilroy, 2021).  Chênevert et al. (2021) discuss social exchange theory in an evaluation of applying nonmonetary and proximal recognition.   Understanding the influence of businesses in universities may improve the analysis of higher education labour markets.  Private sector membership of higher education boards may gear institutions towards business interests Edlund and Sahlin (2021).  Edlund and Sahlin (2021) demonstrate an increasing trend of private sector executives on higher education organization boards.





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