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Global massive open online courses


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-05-13 00:58:58 viewed: 501


The pandemic instrumented massive open online courses on a global level.  As universities around the world prepared emergency remote learning, videoconferencing was added to some of the architecture of massive open online courses.  Videoconferencing may have provided a tool for addressing one of the challenges of massive open online courses, student authentication.   Hill (2012) evaluated the growth of massive open online courses and identified the challenges of student authentication, revenue, accreditation, and course completion. 

Other challenges remain for massive open online courses to seek resurgence.  The possibility for global open online courses may reside in the success of universities to enable normal activity after the health crisis.  Institutions of higher education may strategize for blended learning if the need for remote learning should arise again.  Blended learning combines face-to-face and online learning environments (Geng, Law, & Niu, 2019).  Geng et al. (2019) compare self-directed learning, technology readiness, and student motivation in blended and non-blended learning environments.  Dziuban et al. (2015) review the effects of online learning on student satisfaction research.





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