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Higher education citizenship


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Social responsibility of higher education institutions may serve as a foundation for cooperation with community and not the bar.  Higher education institutions with service as citizens to their communities may embrace policies and practices building meaningful connections of partnerships.  Valle, Berbegal-Mirabent, and Marimon (2021) evaluate the ability of higher education institutions to communicate university social responsibility in organizational, educational, cognitive, and social impact areas.  Higher education citizenship may enhance the involvement of international students by encouraging association.  Oyeniyi, Smith, Watson, and Nelson (2021) examine relational skills and acculturative stress of international students.  Higher education citizens may improve opportunities for people with disabilities or functional diversity.  Pérez-Jorge, Ariño-Mateo, González-Contreras, and del Carmen Rodríguez-Jiménez (2021) address challenges for universities to provide services for the increasing population of students with disabilities or functional diversity.





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