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Short term vision of academic contract labour


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-05-09 22:43:33 viewed: 436


Short term vision of academic contract labour may have handicapped universities in developing leading roles in learning and facilitated an environment for profit oriented decisions.  This challenge may have been part of an underlying trend lasting over a long period of time (Blatanis, 2018).  Blatanis (2018) reviews a work that provides a historical account of the emergence of the challenges higher education face today.  Academic contract labour synonymous with trends in corporate environments demonstrates educational institutions are unable to avoid operational and logistical changes in economics and business.  Part of the reliance of academic contract labour may be related to an effort of institutions to structure similar to businesses.  Investments in the forms of endowments and gifts may have influenced the strategies of institutions revealing favoritism to certain agendas.  Newson and Polster (2019) review the practice and policy of contract labour for academic instruction in higher education institutions.





Blatanis, K. (2018). Henry Heller, The capitalist university: The transformations of higher education in the United States since 1945. European journal of American studies.

Newson, J., & Polster, C. (2019). Restoring the holistic practice of academic work: A strategic response to precarity. Workplace, 32, 1-11.



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