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Achieving equity in access to education with complexity of international challenges


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-05-07 01:29:54 viewed: 525


Achieving equity in access to educational institutions may validate and improve scientific research systems.  Fasih, Patrinos, and Shafiq (2021) promote the concept of equity in education.  The pandemic may have had an impact on graduates and post-graduate opportunities, furthering the need for research in this area.  Fasih et al. (2021) suggest further research on the impact of the pandemic on employment and income by level of education and occupational status.

Complex issues such as political violence, domestic violence, climate change, migration, and health all have the potential for influencing educational outcomes.  Yonfa, Fasol, Cueva, and Zavgorodniaya (2020) propose further research in studying continuation of intimate partner violence after immigration to escape political violence.  With changing educational systems, meeting the demands of challenges in higher education, equity in access may provide higher quality scientific research in this area.  Skewed opportunities in education and research have the potential for skewing research itself.   MacCormack, Sider, Maich, and Specht (2021) discuss pedagogical diversity from an administrative perspective.  Schulte, Anttila, Sunday, Smith, and Gray (2021) clarify critical research terms and make recommendations for modified terminology.





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