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Employee protections for improving opportunities for women and marginalized groups in the higher education workforce


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Contract labour in higher education faculty may be motivation for organizing to seek employee protections for faculty.  Ross, Savage, and Watson (2021) discuss how contract faculty positions limit academic freedom in defense of academic unions.  States and institutions may collaborate and participate to improve opportunities for women and marginalized groups.  Chaudhary, Irwin, and Hoa Khoa Nguyen (2020) make recommendations for states and institutions to fund open access publishing initiatives.  Adam (2021) describes the need to include cultural training in early education.  Models may provide tools for analyzing and addressing challenges in higher education.  Yu (2021) provides an evaluation of traits of students which accommodated challenges of educational changes during the pandemic.  Benz, Bühlmann, and Mach (2021) classify and model career paths for university professors.  van de Werfhorst (2021) review socioeconomic status in comparison to vocational and traditional education.  Browne and Shen (2017) recommend sustainability assessment, higher education standards, and scholarships for integrating higher education in social and economic development.  Kromydas (2017) discuss challenges of conflict of interest in diversifying education and suggests radical shifts in policies of education to view education as a catalyst for social and cultural transformation.





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