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International competition of research funding in higher education


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Ulferts, Cannon, and Howard (2021) explain as there is more international competition in research funding, more nations may facilitate economic growth and innovation through research.  Bogomolova, Balk, Ivachenko, and Temkin (2017) draw correlations between macroeconomic data and research funding in higher education.  Nabaho, Turyasingura, Aguti, and Andama (2020) explore the possibility of a multinational university.  Oketch (2016) explore models for expanding access and funding higher education in Africa.  Akinsanya (2007) explores financial options for financing educations such as investment income, research activities, and community participation.  Rabovsky (2012) proposes empirical studies to measure the impacts of performance based accountability for administrators and students.  O’Reilly (2021) describes the marketing, research, and prestige rewards of business strategies of knowledge management for higher education institutions.  Guzmán-Valenzuela, Gómez-González, Rojas-Murphy Tagle, and Lorca-Vyhmeister (2021) discuss an increase in technological articles on learning analytics and a shortage of papers expanding educational theories.





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