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Strategies for higher education to integrate with economic and political development policies


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Kandiko (2010) explores globalization and competition in economic and political models for higher education.  Ayuk and Koma (2019) explore and compare strategies for improving access in higher education such as universal free education and subsidiaries paid through taxes.  Yirdaw (2016) describes effective and efficient quality higher education as vital for sustainable economic development.  The financial difficulties of higher education may have more challenges with state and local budget cuts.  Pincus, Stout, Sorensen, Stocks, and Lawson (2017) discuss some of the financial struggles of higher education such as higher tuition costs, cuts of government resources, lower philanthropic contributions, and higher university long-term debt.  Mitchell, Leachman, and Masterson (2017) describe some of the state cuts to funding for higher education.





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