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Historical relevance of informal labour


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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The growth of informal labour markets has a historical context for the profits earned through cheap or un-paid labour.  Slavery in the United States and the low-wage pay of immigration are examples of how the trade of informal labour can be abused for profits.  Oakes (2016) reviews the profits from slavery in the United States and its role in the Industrial Revolution.  Lionais, Murray, and Donatelli (2020) evaluate the influence of immigration to labour markets in Canada.  Measuring international informal labour and developing policies may improve labour markets in the future.  Kässi and Lehdonvirta (2018) discuss the limitations of national surveys for measuring the informal labour markets and propose an international index for measuring the transnational economy.  Kurokawa (2020) models entry deregulation and antitrust policies and the effect on skill premiums in international labour trade.





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