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Democratic peace and transnational regulations


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Adiputera (2014) explains democratic peace theory derives from the perpetual peace concept of Kant and contrasts normative democratic peace, as the culture as a source of peace, and institutional democratic peace, as the structure as the source of peace.  The institutional democratic peace may be guided through empowering international organizations as agents for democracy (Kleingeld, 2004).  Mahmoudi (2008) describes the three conditions of the theoretical perpetual peace of Kant to include a constitution, a federation of free states, and rights of individuals as global citizens.  The concept of perpetual peace may be achievable through the provision of conditions for ideals of transnational regulations (Kleingeld, 2004).  Transnational regulations may allow for more equity in the perspective of the global citizens.  Sandford (2018) explains the argument of Kant that there is only one human species as the capabilities are consistent regardless of the differences in description.





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