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SEC Requests Comments for Equity Market Reforms

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2021-02-07 19:25:36 viewed: 565


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission published a request for public comment on reform measures to improve the resilience of money market funds.  The public comment period will remain open for 60 days starting from February 4, 2021.  This is a policy looking to reform some of the effects that the recent retail trading frenzy had on equity markets.  Part of a solution can implement artificial intelligence to integrate social media sentiment analysis and market analysis.  Sentiment analysis of public companies may reveal when there is an uptick of discussion about a certain stock and can assist more preparedness by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The Securities and Exchange Commission can also publish guidance on the risk involved in investing in stocks based on social media platform speculation.  These are suggestions; more information is available on how to make suggestions on the Securities and Exchange Commission website at