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Decline and resurgence of social policies


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-04-29 01:33:16 viewed: 626


The decline and resurgence in social democracy may demonstrate limitations of society to govern in a completely liberal environment.  Andor (2020) describes a decline in social democracy in the European Union.  The decline of social democracy has not demonstrated a disappearance in policies of influence from the state.  Existing policies are reengineered to meet emerging perspectives of the needs of society.  Deeming (2013) describes a trend of social policies from male breadwinner to working family models.  Policies are morphing to the changes in society which obsolete some aspects of social democracies such as trade unions.  Baccaro, Benassi, and Meardi (2018) link the design in social democracies to the decline in trade unions.





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