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Encouraging women entrepreneurs and investors


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Women with entrepreneurial and investment opportunities may support the transition to formal labour markets (Ingalagi, Nawaz, Rahiman, Hariharasudan, & Hundekar, 2021).  The complexity of informal labour markets is due in part because of the economic supply and demand for labour that may reduce opportunities for women and other marginalized groups (Liu & Zhu, 2020).  Liu and Zhu (2020) identify labour market intermediaries for managing the demand from structural labor shortages and supply of continuous global production operations.  Liu and Zhu (2020) explain changes in labour allocation of the purchase, exchange, and transfer of labor in the labour intermediary chain over time.  Encouraging women entrepreneurs and investors may also reduce emigration from countries with high informal labour markets.  David and Jarreau (2017) view seeking formal job opportunities as a motivation for migration when informal labour markets increase.  Ingalagi et al. (2021) explain psychological contributions that encourage women entrepreneurs.  Ingalagi et al. (2021) review social, psychological, financial, and resource influences to entrepreneurial performance of women.





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