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Improving the presence of women in conferences and publishing


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-04-25 22:25:35 viewed: 810


Improving the diversity of conferences and publishing for women may require activism counter to the reductionism of the absence of the presence of minorities.  Tripodi (2017) suggests best practices for improving the practices of knowledge attribution, acquisition, and justification in philosophy for women and other subordinated groups.  Tripodi (2017) promotes inclusion in conferences, journals, and seminars, reporting the absence of women or minorities, crediting the contributions of women, and discussing the bias phenomenon. 

Carter, Pritchard, and Shepherd (2019) describe intellectual and traditional reductionism in epistemological debates.  The reductionist belief of only certain groups capable of the aestheticism of scientific research constructs grounds to actively disprove this notion.    The foundation for improving the fields of science may require exploration into the utilitarian processes of the dangers of reductionist science.  Reinhart et al. (2010) explains utilitarianism from cognitive psychological processes to provide that moral judgement is inherently about harm.  Bernard, Sangster, and Hay (2020) describe the concrete ceiling for African-Canadian women due to the intersection of systemic racism and sexism.  Bernard et al. (2020) discuss a triple jeopardy of race, class, and gender oppression that are faced by some in their effort to achieve success and upward mobility.





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Tripodi, V. (2017). The value of diversity and inclusiveness in philosophy. An overview. Discrimination in philosophy, 64, 3-17.



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