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Technology and hegemony


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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The Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci developed a social theory to explain when a ruling class is dominant but not leading because of detachment from mass consensus (Chun, 2020).  In the instance of public companies, dissent among a mass of consumers may be reflected in this interregnum period of Gramsci.  Gramsci described a spontaneous philosophy developing from language in social interaction (Chun, 2020).  Chun (2020) describes the three realms of the organic intellectuals of spontaneous philosophy in language, popular ideology, and common and good sense.  Riley (2011) compares hegemony of Gramsci to the modern ethical life of Hegel with the philosophy of praxis serving as institutions, customs, and subjects.





Chun, C. W. (2020). Writing as resistance in an age of demagoguery. Writing and Pedagogy, 11(3), 311-328. doi:10.1558/wap.40490

Riley, D. J. (2011). Hegemony, democracy, and passive revolution in Gramsci's Prison Notebooks. California Italian Studies, 2(2).



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