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Emerging recommendations for qualitative research


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Emerging recommendations may improve the qualitative research process.  Aspers and Corte (2019) reviewed the definition of qualitative research and suggest it is an iterative process which improves the scientific understanding of a phenomenon.  Barrett and Twycross (2018) reviewed three types of qualitative research, interviews, focus groups, and observations.  Forming a research team allows researchers to collaborate and check the validity of qualitative research.  Suyemoto, Curley, and Mukkamala (2020) provided a consensual qualitative research analysis for the definition of ethnicity and race.  Chekole, de Vries, Durán-Díaz, and Shibeshi (2021) conducted semi-structured interviews to understand problems in institutional land administration.  Open data may present ethical issues for qualitative research.  Chauvette, Schick-Makaroff, and Molzahn (2019) discussed ethical and legal issues with open data for qualitative research methods.  Stilwell and Harman (2021) suggested integrating enactive theory into phenomenological research methods.





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