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Information technology governance in education


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Qualitative content analysis may also provide guidance for improving information technology governance in education.  Scalabrin Bianchi, Dinis Sousa, and Pereira (2021) conducted a design science research study for information technology governance in education.   Simarmata, Djohar, Purba, and Juanda (2018) presented the design of a blended learning environment.  Gläser-Zikuda, Hagenauer, and Stephan (2020) reviewed qualitative content analysis in education within convergent, explanatory sequential, and exploratory sequential designs.   Leck and Wood (2013) suggested trust between mentors and mentees for online mentoring.

An independent review, or an audit, of employment in technology may ensure that multinational corporations are following guidelines for labor practices.  Collaborating on technology governance research provides the ability for researchers to define parameters for the research and allows the research to develop structure and maintain validity and verifiability.  Common themes are identified in the research for coding analysis. 





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