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Distributing knowledge to promote benevolence


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

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Ogletree (2004) suggested knowledge redistribution as an accompanying goal of reparations legislation to wealth distribution.  Knowledge distribution may improve opportunities for all to benefit from the discussion of reparations legislation (Ogletree, 2004).    Moore (2020) reviewed how to approach the controversial subject of reparations in educational settings.  Brophy (2006) discussed the task of building a framework to define reparations claims in historical injustices.  Brophy (2006) suggested the importance of reviewing goals of reparations such as acknowledgement, understanding the impact of injustice, and provide justice through community empowerment.  Warner (2021) makes recommendations to marketing reparations to the millennial generation in considering partnership agreements, promoting urban development, encourage investing in reparations, and reducing the cognitive gap in the embracement of reparations.





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