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The Cost of Losing Small Businesses


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

TJG News:

2021-02-07 17:43:04 viewed: 590


The cost of the loss of small businesses can be difficult to estimate.  Of the many small businesses that were lost during the pandemic/econemic, two of my most favourite businesses were closed down in San Antonio, TX.  The Moroccan restaurant that has served the best food in the area was recently closed down.  The owner, who helped me to get acquainted to the area when I relocated here, sold his shop and moved back to his native Morocco.  He made every attempt to keep his doors open throughout the last year.  The resources that were supposedly designed to help small businesses during the pandemic did not serve him.  Another business, the local guitar shop where I purchased music equipment, also had to shut its doors.  I am sure there are numerous stories like these but the difficulty is in estimating the cost of these losses.  Estimating the cost of recruiting the best chef from Morocco, luring him to San Antonio, convincing him to design another establishment, and opening the doors to that establishment, is a challenging task.  Maybe equally as difficult is the task of stocking a world class assortment of guitars and other instruments, staffing knowledgeable musicians to serve customers, and advertising the new guitar shop to the public.  New businesses will appear with brand new signs but it may take years if not decades for the expertise of these businesses to equate.


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