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Transcension through transformation


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Erden (2018) compares the romanticist philosophy of Fichte to the moral philosophy of Kant.  Erden (2018) described the conservative political theory of Fichte from morality as set of duties that view nation and society as a communal ideal that develop over long periods of time.  Erden (2018) viewed this political ideology of Fichte as liberal-conservative nationalism.  The ability of a transcension of ideologies through the Ethiopian government transformations is described through African philosophy (Gebrewold, 2009; Kebede, 2015).  Gebrewold (2009) describes the phenomenon of universal emergency nationalism to transcend ethnic nationalism in time of conflict.  Kebede (2011) described the ideology behind the Ethiopian transformations in government for which social situation led a path of protest.  Kidanu (2017) explains how the Ethiopian media became target through transformations in government. 





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