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Psychological contract breaches


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Zacher and Rudolph (2021) explain the psychological contract as the perception of the obligation between an employee and employer.  Kudzanayi, Noreen, and Kudakwashe (2016) provide examples of psychological contract breaches as a failure of an employer to fulfill promises and unfair labour practices.  Zhou, Plaisent, Zheng, and Bernard (2014) explore organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and transactional and relational psychological contracts of knowledge workers.  Li and Dai (2015) explain formation and discrepancy in psychological breaches.  Zacher and Rudolph (2021) develop a theoretical framework on psychological contract breach and behavior focused on careers.  Zacher and Rudolph (2021) discuss limitations of social exchange and reciprocity theories in career focused behaviors of psychological contract breach.





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