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Narratives, counternarratives, and supranarratives of Africa and the Diaspora


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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2021-04-06 23:28:22 viewed: 507


Abebe et al. (2021) critiques the benefits of data sharing practices for local communities and experts.   Abebe et al. (2021) proposes a review of the challenges and observations for improvements.  One potential strategy for root cause analysis may be by understanding the encompassing narrative, or supranarrative, of challenges in scientific research for Africa and the African Diaspora.  Improvements to opportunities for African researchers may improve narratives for data sharing.  Nabyonga-Orem, Asamani, Nyirenda, and Abimbola (2020) describe article processing fees as a hindrance to the progress for African researchers.





Abebe, R., Aruleba, K., Birhane, A., Kingsley, S., Obaido, G., Remy, S. L., & Sadagopan, S. (2021, March 3–10, 2021). Narratives and counternarratives on data sharing in Africa. Paper presented at the FAccT ’21, Virtual Event, Canada.

Nabyonga-Orem, J., Asamani, J. A., Nyirenda, T., & Abimbola, S. (2020). Article processing charges are stalling the progress of African researchers: a call for urgent reforms. BMJ Global Health, 5(9), e003650. doi:10.1136/bmjgh-2020-003650


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