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Data preservation for the art history of the African Diaspora


Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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Data preservation for the art history of the African Diaspora may present a dynamic requirement for the humanities.  Wainwright (2013) highlights the challenges in recording a history of African diaspora art.  Brown (2013) describes the relationship between modernism, present culture, and modernity, formality of change, in the culture of the African-American Diaspora.  Adebayo (2011) explores the migration of highly trained professionals and compares the diaspora of forced migration to the diaspora of voluntary migration.  Arcimaviciene and Baglama (2018) evaluate the etymology and coverage of the word migration in the media.  Zeleza (2010) classifies three African Diasporas, trans-Indian Ocean, trans-Mediterranean, and trans-Atlantic diasporas.





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