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Dr. Tamaro J. Green

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The creation of the idternet required a collaboration of a workforce that spanned the globe.   However, the only profiteers from the effort were a small subset of the sample that skew the rewards and mask the creativity.  Wiesner (2014) explains Freud’s id to operate on a primordial pleasure principle geared to remove tension.  The idternet has become a primordial tool of pleasure for a few people to control resources while the world suffers.  Wiesner (2014) describes Freud’s superego as the realm of moral judgements.  On the idternet, there is no moral judgement, no superego, only primal activities.

James (2016) compares the views of Sigmund Freud, and his contemporary Carl Jung, on the psychoanalysis of dreams.  Freud’s ego of the thinking active self in the collective systemic ambiguity of the Cartesian ego voids Jung’s individualism.  Watson (2014) reviews the concept of self and subject in philosophical history and Freud’s modes of cognition.  Possibly, the elimination of the concept of self in psychoanalysis may enable collective behaviour through fictitious constructs (Vaknin, 2020).





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